Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday morning thoughts (pics from fall 2007)

(By Matt)
I stayed home sick yesterday. Had the squirts. Something I ate I think. Not sure. But it was cool. I was ok by about noon and I was not working so life is great. Was nice to spend some time at home even if I was sick. I saw my wife Katie in a new light, all the stuff she does at home while I'm at work is a bit overwhelming. Not sure how she does it all. I know I couldn't. I love that woman. With a 2 yr. old and a 4 month old she is ALWAYS running around. Crazy!! Yet she still found time to make me breakfast and bring me blankets and make calls for me and all with a smile on her face.

God help me to be so gracious. I love that woman.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ain't life grand!!!

Dave and Matt in front of Crestone Needle 7/29/2007

Dave and Matt taking a rest on our way to the summit of Crestone Peak 7/29/2007

Just the good old boys!...after a rock climb near Fraser, CO

On the summit of Crestone Peak, 14,294 ft. on 7/29/2007
Description of Crestone Peak

(By Matt)
I'm an artist. My brother Dave is a computer geek. In a crazy world like this it just might work. Us getting along I mean. We always have. Gotten along that is. Well, other than a few scuffs every family know. We both work at the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Colorado Springs. Sometimes we play ping-pong. Sometimes I let him win. Most of the time we work though. But one time we played like 8 games in a row. That was cool.

Have you seen that cell phone commercial where that guy is singing the Dukes of Hazard song and saving it as his ring tone? "Just the good old boys.....Never meaning no harm...." That's us. I love that commercial.
Love ya bro!


Dave nearing the top of the class 4 NW Couloir approaching the summit of Crestone Peak 14,294 FT