Monday, April 07, 2008

Easter Blessings

In our Sunday best.

New Easter outfits for the kids.

We're anxiously awaiting our next child.
Boy or girl? Only God knows.

Hugs for mama.

After a long day at Ginny and Papa's, Sam is out.

Love it when we get one with all of us looking!

I love Sam's eyes in this shot. Silly boy!

You're barely showing hon.

My girl—Grace Carol DeCoste.

Easter Sunday is a special day around our house. It's the day we remember our Saviour's rise from death to life. I was thinking about how much attention Christmas gets in today's culture and how relatively little Easter gets. Oh see the ads for the Cadbury Eggs and the Peeps and the Easter bunny but it's nothing like the onslaught of marketing that hits around September 1st for Christmas.

But as followers of Christ Easter is all-important. Christmas was necessary (obviously) for Easter to happen. Without Easter dare I say that Christmas has no lasting worth? For He was born to die and without that then we might as well be satisfied with coloring our Easter eggs and eating a bunch of chocolate.

It is something which is profound and yet so simple. Thank you LORD for Your perfect plan. For the drops of blood in the garden, the suffering You endured and the empty tomb. Let me always remember the price that was paid for my freedom and the nail holes in Your hands for me. For You are Holy. For You are Holy. For You are Holy Lord.

A Day at the Park

We thought a day at the park would be fun.

We had the part of the loaf that no one likes to eat.

Turns out the geese love it...

...and Sam and Grace love to give it to them.

We took the camera—Grace loves the camera.

I taught Sam my finest techniques (see the video).

The End