Monday, December 20, 2010

Kids learning stuff scary fast

I have been amazed lately at how much our kids learn and how quickly. I hear them repeating stuff (both good and bad) and noticing things I never would have guessed they would. Nathan wants to know "what's that?" about everything! He does this especially when we try to "read" a book. It gets tiresome but I forget that this is just as much or MORE interesting to him than the words I might read. Sam, our 5 year-old has a tender heart. We need to be more careful of it. We were watching Matilda, a kid's movie about a girl that is stuck in a bad family and school situation with verbally abusive adults. Sam actually covered his eyes a few times and although Katie and I thought the movie was fairly benign it was not to Sam.

I want to protect my kid's innocence. I want to be a better example to them. Lord help me do all I can to point them to you. To turn off the T.V. and read to my kids and talk about spiritual things more than earthly things. Help me Lord. Remind me when I am bored or needing to "veg" that I have young impressionable hearts and minds that need my very best.