Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A small voice in Japan

My heart was broken last night. Broken in a way that I could not have known 7 years ago. I was watching Dateline last night on the couch with Katie and they were reporting on the aftermath of the devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan. The news correspondent was reporting how they visited a school gymnasium that was full of displaced Japanese whose homes and loved ones were suddenly gone after the tsunami washed through the city. The reporter talked about a little boy who would cry out in the night, "Where is my daddy?? Where is my daddy?" My heart broke right there on the couch in that moment as I pictured my son Sam or Nathan being left alone in a big scary place surrounded by strangers with a father that would never return.

I don't cry much but more than I used to. That's a good thing. I held back the tears but I could not stop my eyes from watering. I just pray that the Lord would be a father to this little boy. A Father to the fatherless. Lord help me to love my children with all my might, to love them as you love them, and most importantly to raise them in the knowledge of You that they too might find a heavenly home and a burden that is light.