Friday, February 03, 2006

My parents weren't perfect

circa 1982 (vintage isn't it. I think I still have that classy v-neck sweater.)
top left-Matt, top center-Marc, left to right-Christin, David, Michelle, Jerry (dad), Carol (mom)

(By Matt)
Ever assume your parents were born parents and never had any troubles raising you? My parents had me fooled. And then one day you hear a story about them that made you realize they were only human or mere kids when they were having kids. I guess it's a good thing kids don't remember much when they are 5. Heck, I was so clueless I thought their were still prisoners on Alcatraz island when I went for a visit with my college buddies.

I've been told that one night my mother threw some dishes on the floor in the kitchen after arguing with dad and then she took off for a few hours to blow off steam. I never knew it. I must have been sleeping hard that night.

I also heard that my dad, as a small boy, got together with a few neighborhood friend in the rural New Mexico town he was raised in and cornered a cat in an empty lot by his parents home and torched it. MY DAD! wow. Not one of his finer moments no doubt. I don't think he was too proud of that one.

My mom dated a guy in college that had a little German-made convertible sports car. I saw a picture of him and my mom one time and I wondered what I would look like if HE was my dad. Probably I would have blonde, wavy hair and drive a cool car.

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