Friday, March 28, 2008

Denver Children's Museum

Our day at the Denver Children's museum was awesome. We all piled into the minivan on a warm Friday morning. Katie and I had great conversation as the kids watched Nemo. It was sunny and warm but a little breezy. The museum was a bit busy as it was a school day so there were kids everywhere. We even listened to a "professional story teller" read three books. Interesting. Kind of freaky. This guy was odd but very animated. We had a great time overall and think it would be a great annual tradition.

Dr. Sam on duty. According to him I am already dead...couldn't find a pulse...on my foot.

Fire Chief Grace is on the way! Sam was  a bit freaked out by the whole dress-up thing.

Help! I'm stuck in this net thingy!

Grace just hangin' out

Sam tests out the playground equipment. It passed.

Now what a funky cow. Outside the front of the Children's Museum in Denver.

Squirrel Grace in her nest. What a nut!

Squirrel daddy with lil' chitlins.

Grace serves it up fresh. She had a blast in this mini grocery store. She took turns pushing a cart and collecting food. Serving food to daddy from behind the counter, ringing up food and scanning it and just having a blast.


The Rogers Family said...

Looks like two sure make beautiful kiddos! You should keep making them ;-)

Cabin Characters said...

Wow! Looks like lots of fun...glad to see the weather is nice somewhere! Can you believe we had the makings of a blizzard today!(this would be a FIRST) Yikers. Cute kids and ditto the rogers family comment :0) Pics of "bun in the oven"???!!!!