Thursday, March 06, 2008

Record high of 73 last week

I decided with warm weather forecasted for Saturday and Katie out of town overnight to take the kids to the hills. My brother Dave brought his daughter Kylie and my buddy Justin brought his three kids, Charley, Dillan, and Caleb and we headed to my favorite park in town—Red Rocks Canyon. This is my home away from home when I need some bonding time with God's nature and my other passion...the rocks. It's been the site of many adventures in the vertical landscape with my best climbing buddies Ramsey, Justin, Eric and my brother Dave. So it was an obvious location to take the kids.

Sam and Grace with Pikes Peak in background

Luckily, Katie was smart enough to pack some sunscreen for us and I was smart enough to apply it. Otherwise I would have been deadmeat.

Chuckin' rocks at the lake

It was a great day. We gave the kids a long leash and it raised a few eyebrows from onlookers to see 2-5 year-olds climbing on steep rock, seemingly with no adult supervision. Ahhh...the way of the father. Experience is the greatest teacher. But no bumps or bruises to report from this trip. A good time was had by all as witnessed by these pics.

Strolling up a narrow gully (100 foot cliffs on right side, don't tell mom!)

L to R—Caleb, Sam, Charley, Grace, Kylie, Dillan

Grace is testing the rock for "grip"!

Just hangin' out!

Dude...chillin' buuuudy!

Everybody climb everything!!!!

Why don't you ever see boys doing this?

The moms would never let us get this close to the lake!

And as for wildlife, we saw all the usual suspects...squirrels, birds, ducks. But the showstopper for the kids was the floating fish. Of course I told them it was just sleeping to which Charley Rogers burst out, "No, it's dead!" Now how do you explain that to a 2-year-old? You guessed it. Fish heaven.


Cabin Characters said...

Hey! Thanks for this terriffic post! Wow-Matt, what a beard! :0) So glad Spring is coming for you guys too. How 'bout some prego pics- hee-hee! Love to you guys from all of us in soggy-wet Oregon.

The DeCostes said...

Thanks Sarah. It was a hot day! The kids had a great time. Hope this sun pokes out in Oregon soon. Miss you guys! P.S.–Katie didn't like the beard much, I shaved it this week.