Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Baby Nate UPDATE!

Papa (grandpa) Paul hold his "little name's sake."

Ginny (grandma) with her grandsons.

Aunt Hannah holds baby Nate.

Uncle Marc and Aunt Kara are all smiles.

Nothing as sweet as a sleeping baby!

Sam in top form.

I sometimes feel like I have to ask permission from Sam to hold the baby.

He's already sitting up on his own.

Ok, not really. It lasted just long enough to take this pic and then he fell over.

A proud mama.

Did I say how much Sam loves holding his brother Nate?

Uncle Shaun and Aunt Michelle swing the boy to sleep on July 4.

Well, it's been 2 1/2 weeks since we welcomed Nathan Paul into the family and it's already starting to feel like he's always been with us. Sam and Grace are really warming up to him, especially Sam. Each morning he comes into our bedroom and asks "Where's Baby Nate?" Grace was a bit reserved the first couple weeks but a few days ago she helped mommy with Nate which we really appreciate. We have been so blessed these past weeks as friends and family have brought us gifts and meals. Katie's dear friend, Kristen Ross, coordinated this for which we are so thankful. We truly feel loved. We've had lasagna/ziti (3), pizza (3), pasta/salad, potato-chip chicken, ice-cream cake, enchiladas and more. Thanks to all!

Katie and I sometimes feel like 2 ships passing in the night however. She's usually tired from getting up all night with Nate and goes to bed early. I usually stay up to have some "alone" time after working with Katie to do the nightly "routine"–dinner, clean up, play time, jammies on, vitamins, snuggles and prayers. I must say, Katie is amazing and still does so much work around the house. I don't know how she does it. I rarely hear any complaints from her whereas I'm pretty sure that I was not meant to be a stay-at-home dad. I'm not nearly as patient as Katie is.

We have found out that Nate really loves riding in the car and stroller and it almost always puts him right to sleep. We also know that he loves to nurse for comfort and be held a lot so we're both getting plenty of opportunities to love on the boy. He has had a few nights of 4+ hour sleeps so we are hopeful that the sleeping through the night thing is in his future (soon).

We are so happy to be a family of 5 and feel like this is what are family was always supposed to be. Love from us all. Will try to do another update soon.

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