Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Winter Park fun!

Once again we headed to Winter Park to share a week of fun with the extended DeCoste, Root and Rising families. Our families keep growing and soon we will be outnumbered by the kids. As witnessed by all these photos, we had a great time as usual. Can't wait for next year!

Movie night on the lawn thanks to Uncle Marc bringing his projector and screen.

Shrek was the unanimous choice—Of course!

Grace loves the beach.

...and her bike.

Caden's favorite game in the kitchen.

Grace is beautiful as ever and Sam...well...he's Sam.

Kylie LOVES holding her cousin Nate.

Hike with the boy near Berthoud Pass.

David on the summit.

Matt on the summit.

Shaun in fields of green.

Becky ropes up!

Michelle the "Rock Jock."

Breakfast of champs!

A daddy and his boy.

Waiting for dinner on community meal night.

Michelle tries to remember the knots and the call before climbing a crag near Tabernash.

Sam digs on the beach at Grand Lake.

A momma and her boy.

Uncle Dave, Sam, Uncle Chad and Grace try some paddle boatin' at Grand Lake.

Chad and the kids at breakfast.

Bath time (L to R) Sam, Kylie, Grace & Caden

Family hike in Grand Lake to waterfall.

Kids juice boxin' on the couch.

The fam on the family hike in Grand Lake.


crutch's wife said...

Wow! Love the photos, looks like much fun was had by all. See you guys soon :0)

crutch's wife said... gotta update this thing :0) Hope you guys had a great turkey day!