Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I had a buddy tell me tonight that he lost his job after 6 years. It wasn't the first thing he said. This was after like an hour of talking. We are reading through a book that at times highlights the differences of men and women and the whole time I couldn't help but think there is no way that a woman would have taken a full hour to reveal a detail as huge as losing a job to another woman.

As he was telling his story my mind immediately went back to a time when I lost my job and how shell-shocked I felt by the whole thing. I was in a literal daze for several days and wasn't sure how to proceed. But slowly, I felt the Lord guiding me and of course, now, 10 years later He has confirmed my path so many times over it is sort of ridiculous that I couldn't see it at the time. But when I was in that deep valley it was so hard to see out, to see anything really that all I had was trust, faith and hope that it would get better, that I would get another job, that I wouldn't end up being a homeless guy walking the streets.

I know right where you are at my friend and will be praying for you that God reveals his purpose and plan at this exact moment in your life. Don't forget to take notes and remember all that He IS doing even when it does not seem so. He has you in His strong grip and He will NEVER let go.

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