Friday, October 19, 2007

A funny moment any parent can relate to

Labor Day 2007 Balloon Classic in Colorado Springs

Grace and Matt feed the chipmunks in St. Elmo, Colorado

Grace's fancy hair!

Daddy/Daughter hike in Garden of the Gods

(By Matt)
Something funny happened this morning that I just had to share. I'm laughing now as I think of it. It was early... for me anyways... around 6:45 a.m. and I had just rolled out of bed, bleary-eyed to spend a few minutes with God.

I put on one of my favorite worship songs, God of Wonders, real quiet so as not to wake the family. I'm lost in worship and reflection, swaying and singing with my eyes closed in the living room when in the background I hear a toilet flush and my daughter, Grace, blurted out, "Daddy, I don't have to wash my hands 'cause I only went pee. I didn't poop."

As you can imagine, I was no longer focusing on my God of Wonders but on my daughter that had just rolled out of bed to use the restroom. I responded, "Grace, wash your hands anyways."

"But daddy, I only went pee, I didn't poop."

"Ok, Grace."

Back to my God of Wonders. I began entering back in to worship and as soon as I had my eyes closed again..."Daddy, what are you doing?'

"I'm singing to Jesus because He likes it when we sing to him."

Grace replied. "Oh."

Once again, I close my eyes, quicker this time, and sing the words out loud, "God of wonders beyond the galaxy...".

From her perch atop our stairs Grace inquisitively implores, "Daddy, Larry is a cucumber right?!" With this, I lose all train of thought and can barely contain my laughter. I keep my eyes closed, back turned to Grace, a smile creeping across my face as I slowly crank the volume knob up to try to focus on the song and drown out any more interruptions.

I force myself to sing the next line, "the universe declares your majesty, you are..."

Again, a bit louder this time, "Daddy, Larry is a cucumber right?!" Now, any chance of ignoring her is out of the question. I do the only thing a parent can do. I turn off the music and motion for Grace to come sit in my lap. I give her a big kiss and answer her most important question. "Yes, honey, Larry is a cucumber and I love you."

Confident in my love and knowledge of Veggie Tales she looks deeply in my eyes and says, "Yep, he's a cucumber. I love you too daddy."

I think that has been my best morning devotional ever! Thank you Lord for little interruptions that truly remind us of what is important. That modeling prayer and worship for our kids is so important but so is being available to them for early morning hugs and kisses.

I love you so much Grace!



Cabin Characters said...

Hee-hee... so right!... interesting, isn't it? Trying hard to 'run after Thee' while also having to 'run after our young kids'! Wow, what a season of life it is!... Love you guys!

The DeCoste Family said...

Yep. Guess you've been there too then. Glad I'm not the only one. But, it's in those moments when our children are watching that I believe it is so vital that we make right choices in modeling our relationship and priorities. Not always easy and I don't always make good choices but I have a goal. Love you guys too.