Friday, October 19, 2007

Do you ever forget the value of your time?

Sam is a beautiful butterfly!

Is their anything better than a cat nap?

Sam loves his designer glasses! ;)

What can I say? He's a cute kid.

A dad and his boy!

Hmmm...I think there's a resemblance.

(By Matt)
I know I do. I can go for days and days and get caught up in the mundane tasks of my job and find myself going through the motions at home. Warm the babies bottle, clean off your dishes, get off the computer before your wife notices how long you've been gone and haven't been helping with the kids...on and on and on.

And then something happens. You get a glimpse into the preciousness of your time. I was walking with my 1 year old son Sam to the park by our house. Just a dad and his boy enjoying an early spring evening when all of a sudden I just stopped in my tracks and stared at Sam. I was struck by how beautiful this little boy is and how much life he has before him. A whole lifetime yet to live. I began to think about life and relationships and how precious they are.

If I died tomorrow would Sam ever know how much I loved him? Has he felt every day of his life the love I truly have for him? Have I held him and given him enough hugs to last a lifetime? I came to the realization that you can never do enough loving. There is no such thing as too many hugs or "I love you's."

I am inspired to make each day count. To thank my heavenly Father for the privilege of raising a beautiful boy and a loving girl. Thank you Lord. Help me to never be to busy and caught up in life to show love to my children and invest in the lives of other people. Help me realize that no amount of busyness will ever take the place of intentional time spent with those I love. Thank you for blessing me so richly. For the laughter and the hugs and the "Daddy, will you snuggle with me's?"

Sam, Grace—I love you with all of my heart!

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