Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sentinel Point Hike, 12,500 ft.

An auspicious start after breakfast at the Donut Mill in Woodland Park!

Early morning light spilling through the trees. The crisp air and the sound of snow crunch ing under our feet. Ahhhhhh . . . spring time in the Rockies!

Rick pauses as we walk up the valley with light snow falling.

Sentinel Point framed by our hiking poles.

Ascending the steep boulder field below the ridge. This is steeper than it looks. Trust me.

We were starting to wonder if we'd need our snowshoes as the jaunt up the valley saw just a dusting of hard crust snow. We found out in a big way. As soon as we entered the trees we encountered thigh-high snow drifts.

Catching a breather.

The sun was doing an amazing dance with the clouds all day.

Close to the top with the summit in the background.

Matt picks his way towards the top.

Rick poses for a pic on the rocks near the top.


Cabin Characters said...

Awe...Colorado.Thanks for sharing some great photos. Looks like you had a nice hike, Matt! Miss you guys a ton...we get sad often, but have to trust our God is in control. Hugs to Katie and the kiddos!

The DeCostes said...

Thanks for the comment. Yep, it was a great if not tiring hike. We miss you guys too. Hope to see you later this summer when you visit.