Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh baby, baby!

Ultrasound pics taken February, 2008

I look at these pictures and I'm almost speechless. To gain a glimpse into our yet unborn child's life is a gift too awesome to behold. It's sobering and exciting to think about this new life that represents so much joy and so many future years of love and relationship. We don't even know if this child is a boy or a girl yet and somehow that is the last thing I care about.

God is so good to us. We are richly blessed and never thank Him enough. I look at Sam and Grace and it just staggers me to see the beauty in their eyes and the innocent way they react to the world and people. I know nothing is promised but I feel extremely hopeful thinking of the rich life filled with love and relationships that lies ahead for each of them. 

One thing is sure. . . we will love this new baby as much as any parents can, raise it in the fear and knowledge of our loving Saviour and guide and nurture it as long as we live.

Can't wait to meet you in June little one!

–Love, Your family


Cabin Characters said...

Awe! The new baby Decoste is just as precious as the siblings! Thanks for sharing the photos...can't wait to see photos...not long now! HI to all!

crutch's wife said... Please note our URL address change! Miss you guys! Ps. Swim suits are on their way, finally!