Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grace's Vacation Bible School Experiece

Grace went to Vacation Bible School at Mountain Springs Church last week. It was her first experience and although the week started off slow for her she really loved it by the end. They did a lot of singing and dancing and projects and every day when I would get home I would ask her what she learned. We shared breakfast together one morning and over cereal had the following discussion:

Matt: "Are you going back to Vacation Bible School today?"

Grace: "Yep. Those songs about praising God were very good. I think they made Him happy in the whole heaven."

At that I let out a bit of a laugh and just thought how wonderful it is when God invades a child's soul and becomes real to them. Grace professed her faith in christ last year with Katie and we pray that God would protect that faith and let nothing snatch it away.

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crutch's wife said...

AMEN! Where would any of us be without the ministry of VBS? God uses it! Blessings! The count-down to a family of 5 is nearing...are we down to 7 days? YAHOOOOOO, I'll celebrate in advance...God is GOOD!