Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Family Christmas letter 2008

Sam, age 3

The DeCoste Family

Grace's Kindergarten pic, age 5

Nathan, age 5 mos

Dear family & friends,

I always love the opportunity I have at this time of year to slow down and reflect on God’s grace and goodness to our family and to watch His mighty hand at work that shapes the ins and outs of our daily lives. I never cease to be amazed at the sheer abundance of divine protection and joy He brings to our lives.

This year was another year of firsts in many ways. In last year’s Christmas letter we shared the joyful news of an expected new arrival in our home. He decided to greet us early on a sunny Monday in June, on the 23rd to be exact. Nathan Paul weighed 9 lb 2 oz and is a most happy little boy. He’s been learning to roll over, eat rice cereal and get used to a bottle (so Katie can get some much needed time away.) He’s always smiling. Grace was a bit reluctant at first with the idea of ANOTHER brother but it seems one of her favorite past times of late is coaxing giggles out of Nathan.

In May, Grace (age 5) “graduated” from her 2-day-a-week preschool. Grace absolutely LOVES going to class and has made many new friends in her new school where she is attending kindergarten. She had several lines to speak in a Thanksgiving play as well as many group songs and I think the whole family had them memorized after weeks of practice. She has proclaimed that she wants to be an artist just like daddy and can most often be found coloring pictures with crayons. We are running out of room on the fridge and wondering if we need to save them ALL.

Sam (age 3) is “all boy” as the saying goes. Daddy is immediately greeted at the door each night after work to “play lion” which involves a lot of rolling around on the ground and wrestling while making growling sounds. Something I am very good at anyhow. Sam has a very active imagination and is fond of climbing up things and then jumping off of them. We were ecstatic early this year when Sam finally got the hang of the “potty.” He also loves to “play” with his baby brother which we keep a close eye on!

Katie (who turned 30 this year) seems to me an amazing whirlwind of activity, energy, beauty and grace. We are extremely blessed to be able to have Katie stay at home and care for the children which she thoroughly enjoys (most days). She keeps busy taking aerobics classes at the gym, hanging out with friends, attending a woman’s Bible study, and in general keeping all of us clothed, fed and happy. Oh how I love that woman!

Matt had an eventful year in 2008 as well—welcomed a new son, celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on 10/10/2008 with a 21 hr. trip to OH/KY in a minivan with three kids, saw a mountain lion and had his car broken into on the same day, narrowly survived an incredible ordeal on the river with his brothers, and climbed a couple 14,000 ft. peaks.

We love all of you dearly and thank God for placing each of you in our lives. We hope that this letter finds you and yours doing well. Have a very, very Merry Christmas as you spend time with family celebrating the birth of our dear Lord and Savior. d

With much love,
Matt, Katie, Grace, Sam and Nathan

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