Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sam asked Jesus into his heart today!

Sam surprised Katie in the minivan today by saying a quick prayer. "Jesus, come into my heart. And I want a puppy and to go to Santa's North Pole" (a local amusement park for kids). Katie had asked him right before if he had ever accepted Jesus into his heart and he got a bit quiet and then made his response. My heart is so happy to know that the Lord is working on Sam's heart. The faith of children is so simple and pure. I have a lot to learn about that. I'm sure Sam will accept Jesus into his heart many more times in coming years but it just thrilled Katie and I to hear him speak those words.

Lord, seal this promise in Sam's heart and mind. Let him always trust in you with a simple faith and place his trust solely in you. Thank you Lord. Amen.


Crutch's Wife said...

Yiipeee! The Angels in heaven rejoice :0) Miss you all~

SarahinCO said...

What a beautiful moment! How awesome! Love and miss you Katie!