Saturday, December 06, 2008

My Bros

My brothers Marc and Dave are truly the best. I have so many great memories of hanging out with my bros and I am fortunate that they both live in town with me here in Colorado Springs.

My brother Marc turned 38 this year. Truly shocking! I still have vivid memories of sharing our birthday cake at age 5 and 7 because our birthdays were only 3 days apart—mine the 15th of September and his the 18th. It bugged me as a kid not getting my own cake (obviously) but I love it now. And as a parent now with 2 of my own kids with birthdays 3 days apart, I am doing exactly the same thing to them—a shared cake. I mean c'mon. How much cake can you possibly eat in 3 days.

But getting back to my bros, I feel quite lucky. My brother David and I both work at the same place so we get to see each other almost everyday. And often I can be found showing Dave the finer points of the game of table tennis—better known as ping pong to most—and his game is coming along nicely. I even let him win on occasion. 

My brothers are alike in the ways that count—religious beliefs, integrity, honesty, devotion to family—and so very different in the ways that matter less.

David is a Systems Administrator and probably the smartest guy in the family. He is definitely type A, a bit of a neat freak, and a Beautiful Mind if you've seen the movie. He can be forgetful of the small stuff—keys, phone, wallet, time—because he is always thinking about the big stuff—what to get his wife for Christmas, how to get that extra 3% speed out of his laptop and at least 3 or 4 other things. He is a technician and a methodical thinker.

Marc is a tile-setter, a real estate investor, and a alternative fuels expert. His mind is always on the go. He's an artist of sorts. His latest thing is harnessing the power of the sun using homemade Fernelli's lenses to burn stuff. He is a BIG IDEA guy and occasionally forgets to follow through on the 20 new projects he has started THIS WEEK!! I hear he wants to test for the border patrol or the fire department this week. A real renaissance kind of guy.

And then there is me. A bit of both of them, different in my own way but very alike in so many ways. I'm so thankful my parents didn't stop after 2 or even 4. Nope, 5! 3 boys and 2 girls!

So here's to you bros! You make my life so rich and fun! So when are we hangin' out next?

Your bro Matt


At my cousin's wedding sometime in the 90's

30 feet underground in the "Ice Caves" in Palmer Park, CO

Setting flag stone in Dave's backyard

High above 11-Mile Reservoir during camp trip in 2008

Playin' a little air guitar on the racquetball court in Winter Park, CO

With the kids in Ouray, CO

Matt, Marc, and Dave


crutch's wife said...

I love that photo at 11-mile in, it's so great! Hope you guys are having a nice Christmas season... we miss you guys so much... O for some hot cocoa and roasting marshmellows in your fireplace. :0) or ours. We also miss that great Colorado snow.

The DeCostes said...

Hey thanks Sarah. It needed some Photoshop work to bring out some of the shadows and convert to sepia but it turned out ok I think. How is you photography coming? I definitely think you have an eye for it!

We miss you all too. Feel free to stop by for some hot cocoa and marshmallows even if it's just in your head. The Colorado snow is piling up. Should get some more this week I think. Any for you all?